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Important Tips on how to attain Scuba Diving Certification.

Scuba diving is a deep water diving practice that is fun. The water masses, especially the ocean and lakes can unlock a door to a whole new world of exploration. Diving requires the right gear and skills It is worth noting that it is illegal to venture into diving before training and certification. A scuba diving qualifications is a short course that trains a prospective diver on the safety procedures involved in diving. The scuba diving commendation does not have to be renewed as the certification lasts for a lifetime. Divers should take note that they are required to undergo periodic fitness test from time to time. Any person from the age of ten years and above can get a scuba diving endorsement. This ensures that persons who are passionate about diving are not locked out because of their age. This article will deliberate on important facts about scuba diving authorization.

The scuba diving training course has three segments. The first class is a theory class. There is so much to learn here including safety measure, and how to properly use and maintain diving gears. The diving instructors prefer that the students learn the theory segment at their own pace and get back to them for any clarification. Once a person has gained confidence in the theory part, they sit for an examination to test on their knowledge base. If the learner passes the examination, they are ready to go to the next phase of the course.

In the second segment, the trainer first does some revision of the theory segment with the learners. This is in preparation for taking the practical class. The learner takes their first practical class under the supervision of their instructor. In most instances, the stage two lessons are undertaken in swimming pools. Step one is lessons on how to set diving apparatus and cleaning diving masks. While in the water, the instructor shows the students how to maneuver safely. Similarly, the learners will also be taught on how to enter and exit the water safely. This lesson is usually repeated severally until the learner is confident and ready to proceed to the next phase.

The last phase of the class involves diving in an open water space. The deep waters consist of the ocean, lake, river or quarry waters. At this stage, the instructor will use four lessons to determine if the student is a competent diver. The role of the instructor during this dives is to ensure the learner is calm in the water, is breathing properly, and is constantly checking their gas gauge to ascertain the level of the gas. In the learning stage, learners are not allowed to go beyond sixty feet. As soon as the student qualifies in this stage, they are endorsed and allows them to undertake diving activities anywhere in the world.

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